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This man is a Certified Public Accountant. He is also an airport bum. He is the owner and pilot of the fine airplane in the photo, as well as another, even better airplane (not in the photo).

But is he a shiftless vagrant? We can't tell. Neither could some self-appointed busybody who one day decided anyway to challenge our owner/pilot's presence at the airport. O/P returned the volley by challenging the challenger's authority to police the place. The situation rapidly got more and more confusing as it became less and less clear who was challenging whom about what. By all accounts, nobody was injured in the exchange.
Would you let this man do your taxes?
The first IBAB ID card Our hero realized following this little encounter that anyone silly enough to wander around playing airport cop could be easily fooled by some official-looking credentials. So he began carrying a fake photo ID card, and inadvertently became the very first member of IBAB.

The IBAB photo ID proved remarkably effective against security officer wannabes. When the word got out, other airport bums quite naturally sought protection for themselves, and a small group of dedicated bums obtained cards similar to the original. Suddenly, with all these bums carrying around cards identifying themselves as members of a fictitious organization, it was no longer fictitious! So they named the real organization after the fake one on the ID cards, appointed their dogs to all the offices of authority, and went back to fooling with their airplanes.

IBAB grew steadily, with just a couple of glitches in the very beginning. First, there were two or three bums who attempted to bribe their way into the group. These folks were reminded of the brotherhood's lofty and noble ideals (even though there aren't any), and did not cause any trouble after that.

Then there was one instance of someone trying to use a forged IBAB ID card bearing Alex Trebek's picture. It would seem that such a forgery would be useful only to Mr. Trebek himself, but nobody can say for sure. The counterfeit card only surfaced once, and whoever flashed it remains at large.
A forged IBAB ID card