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President IBAB President Having spent more time around airports and airplanes than most of the airport bums themselves, Lady Dog is uniquely qualified for the IBAB Presidency. Long removed from her humble roots, she drools her way from appointment to appointment with her head out the window of a chauffeur-driven pickup truck.
Vice-President IBAB Vice-President Appointed IBAB Vice-President on November 30, 2000, Shasta has not been seen or heard from since. Not unlike most vice-presidents.
Secretary IBAB Secretary After a four year vacancy, the IBAB Secretary position is filled in late 2004 by Aela, who brings the energy and enthusiasm of IBAB's executive staff to a whole new level. The new level is somewhat lower than the old level, but it's a new level nevertheless.
Treasurer IBAB Treasurer With his ferocious bark and a rabid distrust of all things moving, Larry operates a thriving home security business in central Phoenix. Given the usual state of IBAB's treasury (empty), Larry has perhaps the easiest job of any IBAB officer.
Sergeant at Arms IBAB Sergeant at Arms Empennage Aileron has without question the coolest name among the IBAB officers. As Sergeant at Arms, she is officially responsible for maintaining order at the airport and at all IBAB meetings. In her spare time, she enjoys chasing a perpetually slimy tennis ball.
Webmaster IBAB Webmaster Forced from a high-profile corporate MIS position in 1997 after being caught chewing on an Ethernet cable, Alex is currently semi-retired and living in Arizona. When he is not maintaining the IBAB website, he unwinds by sleeping, snoozing, snoring, dozing, and taking long, relaxing naps.